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Shenzhen Branch giant Electronics Co., Ltd
Company Phone: 0755-33898866
Address: Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Songgang Township Sha Pu Wai Venture Industrial Zone 15
Taobao shop link: https: //shop486917751.taobao.com/? Spm = a1z10.1-c.0.0.FFse4A & qq-pf-to = pcqq.c2c


Established in 2000, Shenzhen Branch giant company from small to strong, from weak to strong, from a workshop-style small factories to today in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Songgang Township Sha Po Wai Industrial Zone 15, with an area of ​​50,000 Multi - square meters of modern industrial park of large - owned enterprises. Today's giant company has become China's radio industry's new force, is China's largest radio production enterprises. The company has mold shop, SMT workshop, and eight automated assembly line assembly line. The company has a number of outstanding senior manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, electronic engineers and a variety of outstanding professional designers and management staff of more than 100 people, through the outsourcing training, internal training and on-site guidance of the combination of Way to cultivate a good overall quality of the staff of more than 600 people. Since the creation of the company adhere to the leadership of high-tech production of the road, the introduction of the most advanced test instrumentation, the full realization of the computer-aided product design and manufacturing management, with an annual output of various types of radio up to 10 million units. Is Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in the country only designated radio and portable card speaker OEM manufacturers.
    "Quality of survival, to efficiency and development" is the company's business purposes, wholeheartedly determined to create a high-quality value of the brand - is my company's goal. All the products produced by the company have passed the inspection of the Quality and Technical Supervision, and obtained the quality inspection report; the company passed the French Standards Association ISO international standard quality system certification; all products through the China Quality Certification Center CCC certification; export Products also through the US FCC certification and the European CE certification; all brands have been registered trademarks of the State Trademark Office.
    Since 2000, the company has been in the innovation of all the efforts, the company has launched hundreds of high-quality radio products, including FM AM radio, digital display multi-band radio, digital tuned radio, short-wave secondary frequency radio; Which digital tuned radio, short-wave secondary frequency radio performance in the national radio industry in a leading position. In 2009 the company launched a DTS-09 full-band digital tuned radio its unique "radio name editor" is the first domestic; in 2010 the company launched the DTS-10 high-definition ultra-subwoofer full-band professional desktop radio; DTS- 18 digital tuning HD receiver with built-in recording, card MP3 player radio in the industry is also a huge impact. All my company's products with its new appearance, stable performance, good quality, reasonable price, after-sales service is guaranteed, and other characteristics, by the national user's favorite; and has a large number of irons radio enthusiasts.
     Radio since 2003 listed since the year have been selected as "Central People's Broadcasting Station" designated products. 2008 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, 2009 Yunnan earthquake, Xinjiang 7.5 incident, 2010 Yushu earthquake, Gansu Zhouqu debris flow disaster, 2013 Sichuan Ya'an earthquake; by the State Administration of Radio, commissioned by the Division I will be more than 10 million units of the radio sent To the hands of the people in disaster areas, so that the majority of people in disaster areas in the first time through the radio feel the love of the people of the motherland. 2012 - - 2015 Radio for four consecutive years in the "Henan Province CDPD auxiliary equipment tender procurement project" won the bid, in September 2014 in Beijing, China, the State Administration of Radio, invited to participate in the "China 2014 emergency broadcast conference" , Is the only unit in the broadcast terminal manufacturers.
    In March 2016, we launched a series of mini-radio pocket pocket machine: DTS-257, DTS-259, A-254 and so on since the market has been praised by the majority of users, radio enthusiasts called "domestic goods quality."
    We Shenzhen Branch giant Electronics Co., Ltd. and all the broadcasters will go hand in hand with each other, side by side to the Chinese radio more brilliant tomorrow!

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